Things its taken me time to learn (by twenty-one)

Whilst reflecting on some of the questionable life decisions I have made over the past 21 years, I realised at this supposed point of adulthood I have learned a number of things that have taken a while to sink in. So here are a couple of them, for those of you who read any posts on a mediocre blog on yet another social media platform-

Things its taken me time to learn (by twenty-one)

  1. Its okay not to be a morning person, and your house mates will forgive you (as long as some coffee is in your system before a conversation is required).
  2. It’s going to hurt and that’s okay, and you’ll be okay.
  3. You can’t please everyone, and not everyone is going to like you, but do you- someone will get your vibe (eventually).
  4. Travel is the best thing you can do for yourself, so book that plane/bus/train/boat ticket and just go. I promise you, just go.
  5. Vote and stand up for what you believe in. Just understand what it is you’re voting for and believing in.
  6. Tip your waiters and bar staff. Like, seriously.
  7. Everyone adds up to 100.
  8. Listen to your mum on the value of money matters.
  9. But also understand that money doesn’t always matter.
  10. That time you had your clothes stolen in Newlands pool and didn’t get replacements until 5 am will be funny- one day.
  11. Don’t go skinny dipping in the Newlands pool.
  12. Be on time- the world doesn’t revolve around your idea of what 7:30pm is.
  13. Its okay not to go to the gym.
  14. You probably should go to the gym.
  15. Find home within yourself first- people are not made of soil in which to plant roots.
  16. The value of yourself is not reflected by how many likes on social media you get (or how many people read your blog, I guess).
  17. Talk to the kid that sits by themselves at lunch.
  18. Let people in. Let people out.
  19. If you need a soul cleanse, go to the ocean.
  20. Prioritise yourself.
  21. But make time for the people who’ll return the favour.
  22. Learn how to sew up holes in your leggings.
  23. Really  learn how to sew up the holes in your leggings.
  24. Make the effort to actually phone people more often.
  25. Learn a foreign language.
  26. Work hard, but work smart.
  27. Read a book every once in a while.
  28. Its okay to get so drunk you don’t remember, just make sure someone has a video of it to laugh at later.
  29. Being alone does not mean you are lonely, the universe is not only outside of you.
  30. Self love starts with exactly that, yourself.
  31. Dying your hair cherry red is never a good idea, it stays way longer than you anticipate.
  32. Everything is temporary.
  33. Red hair dye is just not as temporary.
  34. Honesty, though sometimes hard to swallow, is always the best policy.
  35. Quality over quantity. Every time, for everything.
  36. Sometimes Most times you don’t get closure on events of life, that’s just the way it is.
  37. The wider your tastes, the bigger your world.
  38. Be the lobster (this is a youtube video link)
  39. Try and save the planet a little in your lifetime.
  40. Wear your seatbelt. Always.

Sending good vibes for all those absolutely-lost, lifes-a-mess, unemployable, broke, potentially naked from a drunk night out swimming, people out there, happy twenties! Don’t worry- We’re all on the same banana boat.




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